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5 things you should not do on the CUET exam day

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma
IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus. 100%iler in CAT 2016,2020 and 2021. Appeared twice for IAS interview.

Imagine being fully prepared for an exam and not being able to appear for the same. Hours of effort and hard work gone waste and then having to wait for an entire year to reach your dream college or completely missing out on the opportunity to join your dream college. And what is worse is that all this happened because you forgot to read a line on your admit card!!!

Seems implausible but a lot of students face this same fate every year at exams like CUET, IPMAT, CLAT etc. Here are some mistakes you should never make on the day of your CUET exam.

  1. Not being sure of the exam centre – The NTA has made all efforts to ensure that students get a favourable centre for their CUET exam. In most of the cases the centres for the two slots were also kept the same. So, it is advisable that you visit the centre a day or two before the exam to ensure you know the exact centre and have an idea of the amount of time it will take you to reach the centre. In some cases, there are centres with similar names, it becomes important for you to check your exact centre before the exam.
  2. Not carrying a valid ID proof – At the time of appearing for the CUET exam, it is likely that students may not have a driving license or a PAN Card. But every student now-a- days has an Aadhaar Card. Make sure to carry a print out of your valid Aadhaar card. As mobile phones are not allowed in the exam centre, you will not be able to show a soft copy of the ID proof.
  3. Not having print outs of photograph – Applicants have to upload a recent photograph at the time of form filling for the CUET exam. The same photograph is then to be affixed on the admit card. This photo is not to be printed but has to be pasted on the admit card. Not having a physical print out of the photograph can create problems at the CUET Exam centre. So before filling the CEUT exam form, make sure to get a fresh photo clicked by a professional and have a few copies of that photograph. The same will be used in all further forms and applications.
  4. Carrying prohibited objects to the exam hall – Metal objects are not allowed inside the CUET exam hall. It is advisable therefore to not carry any object like calculator, keys, watches etc. to the exam centre. At the time of the exam, you may find it difficult to ensure safekeeping of these items and therefore get distracted during the paper.
  5. Not reading the instructions before the start of the exam – Once you log in to your assigned computer during the CUET exam, you will be shown all the instructions regarding the exam and the process involved in attempting the papers. Not reading the instructions for CUET Exam may lead you to miss out on important information regarding the exam structure and marking. The instructions also help you familiarize yourself with the layout of the interface which saves a lot of time when you actually start attempting questions.

A stitch in time saves nine. Small steps can ensure that you are able to perform in the exam as per your ability and do not loose out on such a big opportunity in your academic journey.

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