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CUET *Common University Entrance Test (UG)

Importance of CUET question papers | CUET Sample papers

CUET question papers or CUET sample papers are an excellent source of study material. Past year CUET question papers will not only give you a fair idea of the types of questions that are likely to come but also provide you an indication of the difficulty level of those questions.

How to study from past year CUET question papers | CUET sample papers

While studying from past year CUET question papers, the student should first go through all the question varieties that have come in the paper. He should create a list of topics that are asked, and the number of questions that come from those topics. 

Once he has done that, he should divide those topics in terms of difficulty and preparation time required for those topics. For instance, the English section usually has a good percentage of questions from reading comprehension, which takes less time to prepare but more time to practice. 

On the other hand, vocabulary questions take more time to prepare and depend solely on how well and how long you remember the meaning of a word. One should do this not just for the English aptitude section but also for the domain test and the general aptitude test. 

In short, the past year CUET papers should be used to get a fair idea of what types of questions come in the exam and in what number.

Where to find CUET Sample papers / previous year CUET question papers

One must understand that there is some difference between previous year CUET papers and CUET sample papers. While past year CUET papers are the exact CUET papers that came in any particular year, CUET sample papers are papers that have questions like the ones that have come or are expected to come in the actual CUET exam. 

CUBE has uploaded some past year CUET papers on this page below, the links of some of the questions have also been added for students to directly practice those questions.

Are CUET sample papers / past year CUET papers enough for CUET exam preparation

Since CUET is a new exam, we do not have enough past year papers where students can practice from. So, instead of relying only on previous year CUET papers alone, you should also join some mock test series to get a good idea of where you stand in comparison to others. 

You can also refer to some of the sample papers that we have uploaded on this page. These sample papers, along with some of the past year CUET papers, should be enough to give you a basic understanding of CUET exam. For more practice, you can join Cube’s mock CUET test series.

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