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How much time should CUET preparation take?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

There are two good things about CUET, first that it is not a very difficult exam and secondly that one can easily manage class 12th board exam preparation and CUET preparation together, without any compromise.

Unlike IIT JEE, NEET exams, CUET does not need rigorous preparation, and full-time dedicated coaching. About this we are certain if we look at CUET 2022 papers.

Within CUET syllabus there are things that can be prepared for in a short amount of time, and there are things to prepare for which you need to invest time. We will try to understand each of these things and accordingly work out a study plan, and timelines based on that study plan.

What are the broad areas that CUET tests the students in?

There are three sections in CUET exam, though it may not be compulsory for you to write the exam for all the sections. Section A is the language section, Section B is the domain subject section and section C is the general test section.

Different courses offered by different colleges accept different scores; some might take only the domain section scores, while some might consider only general test and English scores. Which score to consider for which course is entirely the prerogative of the college.

For this reason, it is very important that students go through the selection criteria of the college in which they wish to study. Our CUET planner app could be of great help to students who want to know which section scores are accepted by which college and also the cut-offs of those colleges. This information will help you streamline your CUET preparation.

Which topics of CUET will take maximum time for preparation?

Last year, the language section of CUET was very easy. The only thing for which one needed greater depth of preparation was English vocabulary which had words that were slightly tricky and confusing.

Since the cut offs for most top colleges is likely to remain at 100 percentile, even a single negative marking can throw you out of the race. That is why no topic can be left untouched. English is not a topic that can be prepared in a very short time. You cannot have a crash course for developing English vocabulary. For it you have to prepare for months before the exam.

Even if you do not join full fledged online or offline coaching, general reading activity of 30 minutes daily, with the intent of developing vocabulary, has to start at least one year before CUET exam. This time period is enough to ensure that the student develops not only English vocabulary but also his reading speed, which is a very important aspect of his overall score improvement.

Outside English vocabulary, the other topic that needs long-term preparation is GK and current affairs. This too, like vocabulary, cannot be developed overnight. Unless someone follows current affairs regularly, it would not be easy for him or her to score well in GK and current affairs.

We advise that test takers should cover the current affairs of the past one year in order to score well in the general test section which asks plenty of questions from current affairs and general knowledge.

How much time will topics from maths and reasoning questions will take to prepare?

Going through recent CUET papers, we get to know that the difficulty of aptitude maths was the lowest among all the general topics. For that not much preparation is required.

But conceptual clarity is paramount because if the difficulty of the paper changes next year, only students with strong conceptual grasp would be able to score good marks. So, in maths questions, even if the difficulty is low, conceptual grasp is very important.

For this aspirants should start their preparation at least one year before the exam. Topics from reasoning questions can be mastered only by practice. The more one practices the better one becomes at it. To get abundant practice questions for all the three sections, we recommend that you try our CUET advance course or CUET self-study course.

These courses will provide you both concept videos and practice questions, including milestone tests, sectional tests, and mock tests.

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