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How should my preparation for CUET mocks be

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
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Your CUET exam preparation should be in stages. You should not start your CUET preparation right away with mocks. The first stage of your CUET preparation is at the concept stage.

At this stage, you should start with the basics of the general test section and English section. By basics we mean, topics such as basic English grammar, vocabulary, percentages, profit and loss, equations, etc.

Everything that that deals with fundamentals should be covered first, followed by solved examples. It is very important that you go through a good number of solved examples because only by going through them will you understand the right approach to the different types of questions that are asked in the exam.

Practice Stage of CUET

The concept stage should be followed by the solved examples stage, which should be followed by the practice stage. At this stage of your CUET preparation, you have the basic concepts in place and also, by going through the solved examples, you know how and where to apply these concepts.

But the speed and accuracy could still be an issue for many students. At the practice stage, you should try to develop speed and quick application of concepts. This way you will be able to focus on greater number of questions. You must ensure that you practice a wide variety of questions that test a wide variety of concepts.

Sectional Test Stage

At this stage, you take tests only of one specific section. CUET exam has three sections: section A, B and C. Different colleges will consider scores of different sections for their programs.

Thus, we should not treat CUET exam as having three sections because each section is itself an independent section. Also, there will be different exam dates for different sections. On a certain day you will write the domain test, on some other day you will be write the general test, and some different you will write the language section test.

So, a full length CUET mock would be the one in which you will have your language section, domain section and general test section. You should take sectional tests of each of these sections, ensuring that you get enough practice to score maximum marks in the actual exam. At this stage you should focus on high speed and high accuracy. This way you will be able to score well in all the sections.

How many mocks should you write

There is not any limit on the number of the mocks that you should write. Preferably, you should write at least 15 mocks to get a firm grip on each section. In your mocks the indicator of your performance is not your score but your percentile.

If you get full marks, of course you are a 100 percentiler in that section. But you may not get 100 percentile always in all the section. The percentile indicates where you stand with respect to others in terms of rank. The higher the CUET percentile the better your score. You should keep on writing mocks until you reach a perfect and no more improvement areas are left.

Until when should you write mocks

You should write mocks until the day before your CUET exam. You should ensure that there is a maximum of one day gap between your exam and the last mock that you write.

Ideally, you should start writing your mocks three weeks before your CUET exam, and continue writing one mock every three days right until the day before the exam. This way your speed and accuracy would be in harmony and you are likely to do well on the D-Day.

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