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How to choose the best college that comes under CUET?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
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Well, this is a difficult question to answer because the entire CUET exam and the college application process through CUET is so complicated that without spending time and without being patient it is very difficult for you to know which college offers which specialization and which college is the best for which specific specialization.

Nevertheless, you should not at all worry about this thing. We have designed an app which helps you plan your CUET application process. We have named this app CUET planner which you can try here. But more about the app later! First, we will try to understand how should you select your colleges.

Career choices for non-science students

If you are a non-engineering, non-medical student, you have to be very clear about your career goals because in our society there is a good deal of information available about which institutes are the best for different streams of engineering and different branches of medical science, but when it comes college selection and career prospects for students of commerce and humanities, little information is available.

CUET exam has come as a blessing in disguise for such students. Because now this exam will force them to do a thorough study of which colleges to choose and will, inadvertently, answer the question as to why to choose those courses and colleges.

How to choose colleges through CUET scores?

Every student with non-science subjects in standard 12th, should first select either his intended area of under-graduate specialization or the college in which he wants to study. But, we suggest that you should go by the area of interest than by college because this way you will better understand all the options available.

For example, if you wish to do BA (honours) or just BA in Economics, you should select the university from where you wish to pursue your undergraduate course. The university criteria will vary from person to person because some will prefer pursuing BA economics from Delhi University, whereas some will opt for Mumbai University for the same course. This is the second level of filtering that you must do. Once you cross the second level, you will get to know all the colleges within a specific university that offer the course of your choice.

Now, you should try to understand the admission criteria of these colleges, what scores they accept and what was the last year cut off. These three details are very important because without these you will not know whether you are a suitable candidate for that course or college.

While looking for the admission criteria, you will get to know that there are colleges that offer admissions on the basis of section A (language) only, or on the basis of domain subject score (section B) or on basis of your score in the general test section (section C). Colleges might accept scores from any of the two sections or just one might suffice.

For some courses and programs colleges might ask you to submit scores from all the three sections. Thus, while searching for which colleges to apply for which course, you will get to know all about the different colleges that come under CUET and what were their cut-off scores in the previous year.

How will our CUET planner app help you

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will arrive at the correct understanding of your college, the courses offered by it and the scores required to make it to those courses. Now the most pleasant surprise is that our CUET planner app does all this for you at a click. You just have to enter your specialization and choice of university. You will get your personalized and customized college selection plan on your mail. Try the CUET planner app here:

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