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How to prepare for CUET general knowledge and current affairs?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

While preparing for CUET exam, you should be aware of CUET exam pattern and CUET syllabus for the language section, domain section and general test section. You should also make yourself familiar with all the past year papers of CUET so that you have a fair idea of what kind of questions are asked in CUET exam.

Coming to the general test section of CUET, we see that in this section questions are asked from general knowledge, current affairs, basic mathematics, logical reasoning, and reasoning based English aptitude questions. In other articles we have discussed at length about how to prepare for the English language section, the general test section, and the domain section.

But since a good number of questions in the general test section come from general knowledge and current affairs, we thought of dedicating a separate article to discuss how to prepare for CUET general knowledge and current affairs.

Difference between current affairs and general knowledge from CUET exam point of view

The difference between current affairs questions and general knowledge questions is that in general knowledge the questions are static in nature. In past year CUET papers, the general knowledge questions were asked from basic biology, chemistry, history, and geography. The questions were simple and came directly from NCERT books. The current affairs questions, on the other hand, came from sports, important events of national and international importance, political milestones, awards, and honours, etc. Almost 20 questions in CUET general test section came from GK and Current Affairs, making this topic a very important part of your CUET preparation.

The best strategy for preparing CUET general knowledge and Current Affairs section

  1. Develop test taking aptitude: Solving daily current affairs quiz should be an important part of your CUET preparation. In GK, there is nothing like theory and concept. You just have to solve questions that deal with current affairs and you will automatically get to know about the major events. Taking quizzes will help you recall the right answer in a flash.
  2. Identify the easy question types: In CUET exam there have been questions like ‘match the following format,’ ‘pick the odd pair’ etc. To get these kind of questions correct, you need not remember the right answer but by option elimination you are likely to get even the toughest questions correct. For this reason, these type of questions are put in the easy category.
  3. Make revision friendly notes: In the current affairs section, a good number of questions are likely to come from important dates, organizations, persons, places, events etc. Without proper notes, remembering these kind of details will be a challenging task. Having revision friendly notes, their pages divided into different categories, can be of great help in running through the questions few days before CUET exam.
  4. Create mind maps and mnemonic techniques: More than reading and revising, it is remembering that is critical to performing well in CUET general test section. For this you should use mind maps and mnemonic techniques to remember the finer details of place, time, etc.
  5. Weekly and monthly revision plan: Revising notes and quizzes should happen at regular intervals, preferably every week or fortnight. If the revision activity is delayed, you are likely to completely forget what you had read or studied.
  6. Enrolling for a genuine test series: Since practice is very important for CUET, you should have the right source from which to practice regularly. Joining a test series that gives you a good number of practice questions similar to the ones that are asked in the actual CUET exam, would go a long way in improving your final CUET score. You may try our free GK and Current Affairs compendium. In addition to this, we suggest that you join our general test section course which covers a wide range of events, comprising practice questions and important videos on current affairs and static general knowledge
  7. Maintain a dairy of mistakes: If you want to maximize your CUET score, and make it to the top college, you must score well not only in the domain test but also in the general test section as well. For this you cannot ignore GK and Current Affairs. Every minor mistake counts, and for that you must maintain a diary which reminds you of the mistakes that you made in the past tests. This way you will not only remember your mistakes but also avoid them in the upcoming tests.

Following these seven golden rules for CUET current affairs and GK preparation will ensure that out of 20 questions you get all questions correct.

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