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Is CUET mandatory to get admission into any college?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

Well, the answer to this question is likely to change every year because new colleges will keep getting added to the list of colleges accepting CUET scores for admissions into their undergraduate programs.

As of 2022, all colleges under central universities are accepting CUET scores. In addition to this there are a few state, private and deemed universities that are accepting CUET scores for admissions. But there are several good state universities that are yet to accept CUET scores. So, it would be wrong to say that CUET is the gateway to admissions into all good colleges.

Nevertheless, the rate at which new colleges are getting added to the list of CUET, it is just a matter of time when all colleges will start accepting CUET scores for admissions into their courses.

Why, in the coming years, will all colleges start accepting CUET scores?

Indian universities, both public and private, want to standardize their admission processes, bringing in uniformity and fairness in the admission process. Before CUET came to the scene, the admissions into top colleges of India were simply based on standard 12th scores.

Since different board exams had different marking scheme, some students had inherent advantage of coming from a board that was liberal in giving marks to students. This resulted in some sort of unfairness because though two students were equally meritorious one got admission because of higher marks in his board exam. To eliminate this disparity and to bring in uniformity, the government of India decided to conduct a common entrance which all know by now by the name of CUET.

As of 2022, CUET is not mandatory for admissions into state and private universities. But some state, private and deemed universities are accepting CUET scores for admissions, and in the coming years more such universities will start accepting CUET scores. So, though theoretically CUET is not mandatory, practically, by widening your choices, it is in a way mandatory for all students going for non-professional courses.

Why will CUET be eventually accepted by all private, state and deemed universities?

There are many reasons for this. The most important reason is that CUET does not impose any language restriction on the student. He can select from a wide range of languages in which he can write the exam. The universities in the non-Hindi and non-English belt can use the scores and students from these regions can write the exam in the language they are most comfortable with.

There is wide range of domain tests available for the students. They can choose a maximum of 6 domain subjects. This way the students can select their colleges, look at the admission criteria of those colleges and the programs offered by them and then plan their domain subjects. You can use our CUET planner app well before you start your preparation. The app will help you with all the details pertaining to the selection criteria of the college of your choice.

Thus, CUET may not be mandatory right now, but CUET scores can be of great help in increasing your choice basket. Regardless of which state you are from, having a good CUET score will always be an advantage. You can join our CUET advanced or CUET self-study course to prepare for CUET exam. For more, please click here.

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