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Is CUET online coaching preferable over offline coaching?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

There is no standard answer to this question. Depending on the choice, convenience, and cost of the CUET coaching program, different students will opt for different mode of CUET coaching. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages.

We will discuss these in detail. But regardless of which mode of coaching the student takes, it is very important that he does much of the practicing online because CUET is computer-based test, and if the student does not have the habit of reading onscreen, in the exam he may not be able to concentrate for long hours, and thus may not be able to give his best.

It is therefore recommended that CUET coaching, whether offline or online, may depend on the students’ choice and preference, but the studying and practicing must happen online because this is how they would be writing the exam.

What is the meaning of CUET online coaching?

Online CUET coaching means the teaching inputs would not be given in the offline classroom format. It would instead be given in the form of live streaming sessions if the student has opted for CUET live classes, or recorded video inputs if he has purchased CUET self-study course.

The teaching inputs provided through these means can be accessed on mobile app or laptop or both. The students usually get a study plan, and following that study plan they can finish the syllabus within time or before time.

As far as answering doubts are concerned, students can post their doubts in telegram groups, WhatsApp groups or directly take online appointments from their teachers. This way they can get their doubts answered. This is how the entire online coaching for CUET works. This method of online coaching is equally applicable to any other online exam.

What are the advantages of CUET online coaching?

Online CUET coaching offers many advantages over the traditional offline coaching. The biggest advantage is time and cost. Students can save travelling time, including cost of travel and focus on their preparation.

Travelling two hours four a two-hour offline classroom session is an utter waste of time and energy. The other advantage is convenience. Students can revise sessions, go ahead of the schedule and cover lessons that are yet to be taught in the class, ask doubts anytime, and avoid getting distracted from other non-serious students.

For many the cost factor could also be another major advantage offered by CUET online coaching. Whereas offline CUET coaching cost 30k for one year program and 20k for a crash course program, online CUET coaching costs 15k for one year program and 10k for a crash course program. Some other online CUET coaching institutes might charge even lower fees and self-study courses are charged amounts lower than this.

So, if the student is sincere and can focus on his work without getting distracted, then online CUET coaching is a very good economical choice. Usually, for most students’ offline options are fewer in number than online options. In offline you cannot plan to join a CUET coaching institute that is 20 miles from your home.

You have to choose from what is available near you, but in online CUET coaching there is no such constraint. You can explore a wide range of options and choose the one that you feel is the best for you from cost and quality perspective.

What are the disadvantages of CUET online coaching?

In comparison to offline coaching, CUET online coaching has a few inherent disadvantages. The biggest of all is the lack of peer learning. Studying is a social process and can be fun if it is done in group.

We tend to learn not only from ourselves but also from others. A cohesive study group can not only motivate you to strive for more but also give you a real feel of where you stand in comparison to others. In a classroom, assuming that all the students are sincere, you easily get to know your weak and strong areas.

This is very important while preparing for competitive exams such as CUET. When you prepare in isolation, you might have many misconceptions both about the exam and about yourself. This is the biggest flipside of CUET online preparation.

But offline coaching is an advantage only if that coaching is good and the students studying there are sincere about their studies. If the quality of teachers and students is poor, then such an offline coaching would be a waste of time and resources.

How to prepare for CUET through online CUET coaching?

The first thing is to explore all the online CUET coaching options on the internet, based on the offerings of the institute and your budget. Take a look at all the sample videos on their YouTube channel, and their website.

You should look for the consistency of the teachers. It is very important that the teachers are consistent throughout and do not keep on changing because this might create some sort of confusion in the learner’s mind. Finally, you should talk to the counsellor of that CUET coaching institute, and if you are convinced, you should make the payment online.

We provide CUET online advanced course, which has a good number of live sessions, and CUET self -study course. You can explore both the courses and see the one that meets your requirements. You can also talk to our counsellor and get all your CUET doubts cleared.

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