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CUET *Common University Entrance Test (UG)

Reading Comprehension is one of the most important sections of CUET English. In fact, more than fifty percent of the question in the CUET English section come from reading comprehension. 

If you look at the latest paper pattern of CUET exam, you will find that in the English section a good number of questions came from reading comprehension, with each reading comprehension passage having almost 10 questions, making this topic a very important scoring area.

What is the length of the CUET reading comprehension passages

The length of CUET reading comprehension passages is often between 300-600 words, 300 words for shorter passages and 600 words for longer passages. The passages are usually adapted from articles of newspapers and magazines. 

In the latest CUET exam, we found that the passages that came in the English section were from national and international affairs, law, and science. The passages were easy to read and understand.

What type of questions come in CUET reading comprehension

The questions that came in the reading comprehension passages of CUET English section were of the conventional type. Questions such as main idea of the passage, what can be inferred from passage, title of the passage etc were asked in good numbers, but the greatest proportion of questions were fact based. 

The student just had to read the question, go to the relevant part of the passage, and shortlist the choice that correctly answered the question. It is something that all class XII students have already done before in the reading comprehension passages of their English subject.

What is the biggest challenge in CUET reading comprehension

The biggest challenge in CUET English section is the time. The student must finish solving all the questions in a limited amount of time. You must solve only (not more) 40 questions (out of total 50) in 45 minutes. 

Within that time the candidate should not only read the entire passage but also attempt all the questions and verify the options in order to answer the question correctly. This is easier said that done even if the question is easy. 

Reading speed becomes very important in such question types. Students who are slow to read and have poor retention skills will take more time when compared with students who are quick to read and have better retention. 

CUET reading comprehension practice and speed-reading lessons can help the student develop speed and improve comprehension.

What is the best source for CUET reading comprehension

CUET reading comprehension is not a difficult nut to crack. Since the difficulty level of the reading comprehension passages is very low, you can refer to any reading comprehension material that caters to students of standard XI or standard XII. 

You can also refer to Cube’s reading comprehension repository. It has a good collection of passages like the ones that have come in recent CUET exam.

How much time will I take to sharpen my CUET reading comprehension skills

Looking at the difficulty level of CUET Reading Comprehension, which is quite low, we can say that if you devote two months to speed reading and general practice, you should be able to reach a level where you can get more than 80 percent of your reading comprehension questions correct. But you need to practice at least 50 passages, focusing on accuracy and speed reading.
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