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Should I take a drop to prepare for CUET?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

To answer this question, we have to understand the reasons behind students taking a year drop. Most of the time people take drop because they want to get into the best college, and if they do not get the college or university of their choice, they take a year drop, which means that they spend one year solely preparing for the exam.

Whether it is wise to take a drop for CUET depends on the aspiration of the student. But CUET preparation alone does not justify a drop because the difficulty of CUET exam is so low that one does not need much time to prepare for it.

Instead of taking a drop one can enrol into any program and along with college studies, one can prepare for CUET. This way there is no fear of year loss if the performance in CUET exam is not up to the mark.

Ideal things to do if you are preparing for CUET the second time:

If you are preparing for CUET the second time, you should select your domain subjects wisely. Our CUET planner can help you in shortlisting the colleges and universities and know the different combinations of scores that they take for admissions into their programs.

For instance, there are colleges that consider only English (section A) and General Test (section C) scores, whereas there are colleges that might ask for domain scores only.

Understanding the requirements of different colleges is going to make the journey of CUET preparation quite smooth and organized.
Once the domain subjects have been shortlisted, one can resume CUET preparation. For students who have taken a year drop or are writing CUET again, it is very important to peak at the right time. Usually when they start too early, they lose their enthusiasm midway.

It is better to start slow and then gradually increase the intensity of preparation. In the latter stages of their preparation, they should focus on writing mocks and sectional tests only. This will help improve their speed and accuracy. Since the exam is easy, the student should aim at scoring maximum marks in all the sections that he would be writing in the CUET exam.

Does a year gap paint a negative image of a student?

A year gap does not matter much, and later for higher studies or while applying for jobs, not many questions are asked unless the gap is of more than two years. A year’s gap is not even noticed. So, you should not worry about it. But in the second round of your preparation, you have to ensure that your strategy and area of focus is such that you get better marks than what you got in your earlier attempt.

How many hours should I study every day in the second round of my CUET preparation?

There is no need to have a rigid time table. A balanced study plan is very important, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The domain subjects should be given maximum attention, followed by the general test and language section.

Even in the general test, one should focus on current affairs because general knowledge and current affairs cannot be completed in just one week before the exam. Slow and steady reading, when done regularly, helps one improve one’s general knowledge.

In an exam like CUET where every positive and negative marks count, one cannot leave this area. To keep oneself updated one has to regularly read newspapers and if possible, subscribe to certain YouTube channels or download apps that help you with relevant content.
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