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The most important section for CUET exam

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

Before we talk of the most important section, let us first understand the pattern of CUET exam. In CUET, we have three different sections. The first section is the language section, the second is the domain subject section, and the third is the general test section. Prim facie no section can be called more important than the others.

In CUET exam, the most important section depends on the selection criteria of the college. For admission into different programs, the college might ask for only domain test score or just the general test score or both. Colleges offering programs such as journalism, mass communication or legal studies may consider scores only of the language section. There could be colleges that might ask you to submit scores of all the three sections.

Also, you have to remember that this criteria may not remain fixed and is likely to change every year. Students can use our CUET planner app to understand the selection criteria of different colleges/universities and what were the past year cut-offs for these programs. The app gives you detailed overview of the program, the number of seats in that program, the scores accepted including the past year cut-offs.

The most important section in CUET exam depends on three factors:

  1. Your intended area of specialization
  2. The number of colleges you can apply to by using the sectional scores
  3. The overall difficulty of that section

We will now elaborate on the above three points. Having gone through the selection criteria of most top colleges through CUET, we see that the language section and the general test section are the most important section because the scores in these two sections can be used for admission into a good number of programs.

In other words, by using the scores of these two sections you can apply to a good number of colleges for a good number of programs, giving you the flexibility of choices and diversity of career options. For programs such as BBA, Mass Communication, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, etc, there is no need of any domain score.

If the student has good scores in the language section and the general test section, he is likely to get admission in the best colleges offering these courses.
But your intended area of specialization also decides the most important section for you.

For instance, someone who wants to purse BCom (Honours) from SRCC, has to submit his domain score, the domain subject in this case being accountancy or book-keeping. There are a good number of colleges that will offer you admissions based on your domain subject score only, whereas there are a few colleges that consider scores of at least two or all the three sections.

Sometimes the most important section in CUET exam is based neither on intended area of specialization nor on the number of colleges you can apply to using the sectional scores. The inherent difficulty of the section alone might define the importance of that section.

We might call it an important section because preparing for that section is not going to be easy, and because the section covers a number of topics, one may have to study harder to do well in those topics. That way the general test section should be considered the most important section in CUET.

Why should the general test section be called the most important section:

The general test section should be called the most important section because it comprises topics from a wide number of areas. The section asks questions from basic reasoning, basic maths, general knowledge, current affairs etc.

Preparing for all these areas may not easy, and to score maximum marks in this section one has to cover every topic thoroughly. Moreover, the general test section scores are likely to be accepted by a good number of universities that offer non-traditional undergraduate programs.

Our suggestion to students and parents is that students should compulsorily write the language section and general test section because the scores of these two sections can universally used while applying to a good number of colleges.

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