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What resources should we use for CUET exam preparation?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

Before we discuss CUET resources, we should first understand CUET syllabus because without proper understanding of CUET syllabus, it is pointless to talk about CUET resources and CUET study material.

To understand the complete syllabus of CUET language section, of domain subjects and of general test, we advise you to refer to our syllabus page where we have elaborately discussed every minor aspect of CUET syllabus and have uploaded the syllabus PDFs for all the sections and all the domain subjects.

We will divide our discussion based on the three different sections tested in CUET exam.

General Language Section Resources (A)

Though as per CUET there are many languages from which a student can choose his language, in this discussion we will take the example of English language and talk of the resources that one should use to prepare for the English language section.

English language tests students’ vocabulary, basic grammar and reading comprehension. The difficulty level of the questions has been quite low but aspirants still need to work hard and effectively prepare for these topics to score maximum marks.

We have uploaded free vocabulary and grammar booklets on the resources page of this website. These two PDFs should be enough to lay the conceptual foundation of grammar and vocabulary. As far as practice questions on vocabulary and reading comprehension are concerned, students can visit our course page and enrol for either the CUET self-study package or CUET advanced package.

Both the packages have concept videos, practice questions, milestone tests and mock tests. As practice content, these should be enough for CUET English language section.

In addition to what has been suggested above, students can use past year papers to understand the paper pattern, types of questions and the difficulty level of those questions. CUET exam is quite new and we do not have many past year papers available, but on our website, we have uploaded a good number of sample papers for all the sections.

You can download those sample papers and study from them. Especially, the sample papers of General Knowledge and Current Affairs should be quite helpful.
Structured preparation is very important.

For this reason, we advise the student to stay away from free CUET resources scattered on the internet because most of these resources are incomplete, irrelevant, and insufficient.

Domain Subject Section Resources (B)

Our CUET academic team believes that this should be the easiest section to prepare for because the domain subject syllabus is the same as CBSE boards syllabus. If the student has prepared well for his school subjects such as Economics, Accountancy, History, Geography etc, he or she should not have much difficulty in preparing for the domain subjects, unless the subjects he has chosen has not been studied by him at all.

The only thing at which he will have to consciously focus on is solving practice questions in the form of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). In board exams we are used to writing descriptive answers, but in CUET exam we have to pick the right answer from four alternatives presented to us.

If we are not used to such testing patterns, we may not be able to maximise our scores in the exam. You may try our domain subject resources in which we have uploaded a good number of MCQ practice questions for a number of domain subjects.

For this section too, the importance of past year papers cannot be underestimated. To get some idea of the domain subject papers, you may download the past year papers from here.

General Test Preparation (C)

This section presents to the test taker greatest degree of novelty because for many these types of questions as the ones asked in this section will be completely new. To maximise the scores in this section, the student has to be good in basic maths, reasoning, general knowledge, and current affairs.

Looking at the basic maths questions of past years, we feel that maths may not be such a challenge at all, but the questions from reasoning, GK and Current Affairs could be a serious threat because with most of these questions aspirants would be totally unacquainted.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge cannot be improved in a week or a fortnight, and reasoning cannot be sharpened in just a few hours. To score well in these topics one has to prepare hard and for long. Our paid CUET resources could of great help in this respect because they have not only a good number of practice questions but also the concept videos that teaches how to approach such questions.

In a nutshell, we can say that past year papers, sample papers on this website and our paid resources should be enough to nail CUET exam. You may take a free trial of our paid course and talk to our counsellor for further details.

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