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CUET *Common University Entrance Test (UG)

When is CUET exam conducted?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students
CUET exam is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). The exam is usually conducted after the 12th board exams. This usually happens in the month of April/May. There is no certainty as to how many days after the board exams will the exam be conducted. But the gap between the board exams and CUET exams is at least a month.

How many students write CUET exam?

In 2022 more than 15 lakhs students registered for the exam with the aim of getting admissions into top universities of India. In 2023 more than 25 lakhs students are expected to take the exam, and as more and more private, state, and deemed universities start accepting CUET score, this number is going to rise in the near future.

Will CUET exam be conducted twice a year?

Since last year there have been talks on conducting the exam twice a year, but no official announcements have yet been made. Looking at the number of students who wrote the exam in July-August 2022, and the likely increase in these numbers in the coming years, we feel that to better manage and organize the test NTA will have to conduct the exam twice a year, once in the month of June and once in the month of December.

Can we write CUET even one year after 12th exams?

Yes, there is no restriction on when to write CUET. In fact, there is no age limit to write the exam. There are a number of students who plan to write the exam while studying in first year of graduation. The reason for doing so is that they want to study in a better college offering a different program. Yes, there will be a year gap if one takes admission again in first year, but studying from a good college or university is much better than studying from an average institute that does not offer great job prospects.

Is the time gap after board exams enough to prepare for CUET exam?

As teachers, we believe that though the difficulty level of CUET exam is quite low, one still has to get maximum marks to get admission into the top colleges/universities of India. For this, one has to practice hard and write a good number of mocks.

All this cannot be done in just one or two months. Also, students have to prepare for general knowledge and current affairs, which cannot be prepared in such a short span of time. Many students think that because the paper is very easy one can easily prepare for it in less than a month. But these students forget that CUET is high scoring, speed-based exam which needs consistent practice. Even one negative mark can put a student behind a thousand others.

Every single question counts in such a competitive environment. For this reason, students should start with coaching one year before the exam, and if they plan to enrol for any crash course, they should enrol for it right after their Diwali exams so that they have enough time to work on all the areas of the test.

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