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Why is reading speed so important in CUET exam?

Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey
CAT VARC 99.99%iler. Min taught - 1 million. Mentored more than 10000 students

Most exams, such as CUET, having MCQ (multiple-choice questions) type of questions have a good number of questions whose answers have to be marked in a very short time. This makes speed a very important criteria in order to score well in those exams.

Since the time within which to finish the test is limited, students are expected to solve as many questions as possible in the given amount of time. But each section of CUET will offer different challenges from speed point of view.

Let us take general section test for example. This section has questions from reasoning, maths, general knowledge, and current affairs. While answering questions on general knowledge and current affairs may take little time, answering questions on reasoning and maths may be a little more time consuming for all almost students.

In the same section, different types of questions will take different amounts of time. In maths, the speed with which you calculate, remember concepts etc may be more important than reading speed. In reasoning questions, the speed with which you reason, find similarities, observe differences, etc could be more important than reading speed.

But in English section, the speed with which you read text could decide how well you do in the English section. Thus, along with reading speed, processing speed and observational speed are equally important and cannot be ignored at all.

How to improve speed in general for an exam like CUET?

Many people think that speed is an inherent gift and cannot be acquired, but this is true only to some extent. By using speed development techniques, speed reading methods, we can definitely improve our speed, making it much better than what it was earlier.

Though the speed of different students will be different when compared with one another, CUET exam will give everyone enough time within which they should be able to attempt all the questions. As a result of which some students might finish a particular section in 30 minutes, whereas many others might take 50 minutes to complete the same number of questions.

But this does not mean that because CUET exam is very easy, even without any practice, we would still be able to finish the paper well within the given time limit. If you look at the English paper, you have four to five long passages. One has to not only read those passages quickly but also read the questions, scan the options, and verify them by re-reading the passage.

All this needs to be done in a less than two minutes. One has to not just read the passage and the options but mark the correct answers because a wrong answer will attract negative marking. Only those who have practiced enough will be able to do these things correctly by taking the optimum amount of time.

Regular practice is the best way to improve reading speed and this is true for CUET exam as well. This reading speed cannot be developed overnight. One has to consistently carry out reading activity to see any positive change in ones reading speed in the long run.

How should I improve my speed in maths and reasoning?

For this section, too, we have the same advice for all the CUET aspirants. Practicing hard and following novel speed improvement techniques will help them develop their speed. Fast calculation methods can be of great help for students in improving their speed for general maths questions on percentage, profit loss discounts, time and work, etc.

Though in reasoning we do not have any shortcut methods to improve speed, exhaustive practice can definitely help us predict the logic used in the question and thereby arrive at answer intuitively or in a lesser amount of time.

How can our course help you to improve your reading speed and overall speed?

Our advanced and self-study CUET courses have a great number of practice questions with detailed explanation. These resources are ideal source using which students can improve their speed in maths, reasoning, and English section.

Also, our mock tests and milestone tests, with their in-depth analytics, will pin point the topics in which you are lagging in speed and suggest improvement methods. Click here to take a look at our CUET advanced and self-study courses.

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